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School Organizational Teams in CCSD

School Organizational Teams (SOT) are required at schools within the Clark County School District (CCSD) as part of the reorganization of large school districts created in state law after the passage of AB 469. SOTs include parents, teachers, support staff, community members and at secondary schools students.

Parents and legal guardians are eligible to be members of the SOT at the schools where their children are currently enrolled. CCSD employees cannot serve as the parent/guardian members of the SOT if their child attends the school at which they work. However, those employees may serve as a licensed or support staff member of the SOT at that school. CCSD employees may also serve as a parent/guardian member of a SOT if their child attends a school different from their work location.

According to state law, if a parent organization (PTA) currently exists at a school, they will establish and run the election process for parents. For schools without a parent organization, the school principal will run the election process.  Although PTA is responsible for the election process for the parent representations all parents or guardians are eligible to serve as an SOT member and vote, regardless of PTA membership. The PTA should coordinate with the principal to establish and run the election to ensure it is fully advertised and all parents have the opportunity to participate.

CCSD has created a website that provides resources and training regarding SOTs. The process and forms for forming an SOT are listed on the website or links can be found below. Please contact us if more information is needed.

VIRTUAL ELECTIONS – Nominations and elections can be done virtually with proper controls to validate voting. Most units use a Google Form and coordinate sending to families with the school to ensure that all families have an opportunity to both nominate and vote. PTA membership is not required to participate in voting or serve as a member of the SOT. The flyers below can also be updated and shared in conjunction with an online form to ensure all families under the roles and responsibilities associated with serving as a Parent Representative on the SOT.

Samples – Google Form for Nomination         Google Form for Voting

CCSD Reorganization Website  

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School Organizational Team Election Ballot

SOT Election Committee Report

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