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There are no more in person trainings scheduled. To fulfil the training requirement, you will need to participate by completing the online training and attending a training phone call.

As always, our Region Directors and Council are happy to assist you if you feel like you need more training.

As a service to our members we have shortened the day of our Local Leaders Training and will add an online component to make sure our leaders are thoroughly trained. Prior to the in person training, you will need to do some online e-training from National PTA.

Step 1: Submit Officers Roster

Step 2:Standards Continued Affiliation with Nevada PTA-2018

Step 3: Incoming Officers Guide 2018_19

Step 4: Complete the Online Training

  • Mandatory online training is 2 classes: PTA Basics & Officer Specific Training
  • Link to eLearning and login instructions
  • When finished, take overview quiz and survey, print or screen shot certificate of completion. Bring proof to Local Leaders Training Event.
President Treasurer Secretary
PTA Basics PTA Basics PTA Basics
Local Unit President Local Unit Treasurer Local Unit Secretary

Prior to training we recommend you visit and create accounts on these two sites. They are 2 separate accounts. You will need to register separately for both. However, to make it easy, you can register using the same login and password for both sites.  You will need no special information to do this, just personal info and unit name.

  1. ORG Sign in to Existing Account or choose to Register
  2. Access the Back to School Kit

There are many great trainings available for all local PTA leaders and you are welcome to take them all.

Step 5:

Lake Mead Council Area PTA’s (CCSD) After completion of the online component, you will need to attend a Lake Mead Council Meeting in person to be signed off.

All other PTA’s in the State:

Attend Local Phone Training

Phone Meetings

September 26th 7:00-8:15 pm

Prior to phone training, President’s and Treasurer’s please complete the appropriate survey below.

President Questionnaire

Treasurer Questionnaire 

Log in to the meeting wall so that you are familiar with the call in number or computer web options.

Meeting Wall

Call in to the day you choose, listen to training, ask questions. You can call into one or more calls. The choice is yours but, you will not be signed off of the training requirement until you PTA is in Good Standing.


NEW! The Board Training is available via podcast. Click play below.