To fulfill the training requirement, you will need to participate by completing the online training and attending the Local Leader Training.  The required officer training will be included in the LEAD Virtual Training Summit

As always, our Region Directors and Council are happy to assist you if you feel like you need more training.

Step 1: Submit Officers Roster on Memberhub

Step 2:Standards Continued Affiliation with Nevada PTA – Sept 2020

Step 3: Incoming Officers Guide 2018_19

Step 4: Complete the Online Training

  • Mandatory online training is 2 classes: PTA Basics & Officer Specific Training
  • Link to eLearning and login instructions
  • When finished, take overview quiz and survey, print or screen shot certificate of completion. 
PTA BasicsPTA BasicsPTA Basics
Local Unit PresidentLocal Unit TreasurerLocal Unit Secretary

There are many great trainings available for all local PTA leaders and you are welcome to take them all.

Make Up Training, after November 2020 – Please contact

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