Nevada PTA voted to have standardized bylaws for all its local units. This means that the bylaws template is no longer editable as a whole document and only a few areas are changeable by the local unit. Some frequently asked questions are listed below.

What are the areas on the bylaws template that can be changed?

The bylaws are now on a PDF document with fill in forms to personalize the bylaws with the units’ demographic information. There is also the ability to select one or two year terms and the limitation to select how many consecutive terms can be served in the same office (the limit either way is not more than 2 years in one job). A unit must also decide what month elections are in (April or May) and what standing committees they will have.

What if we have different officers then those listed on the bylaws?

The bylaws allow for President, up to 6 VP’s, a treasurer and a secretary. Offices not covered by those titles will need to be designated by one of the VP positions. For example: if your PTA has a Communications Officer they will now be referred to as VP of Communications for consistency throughout the State.

What if our current bylaws cover things the new template does not?

Last year we offered training on the use of standing rules because they will now be used to “customize” your PTA rules and regulations. For example: standing rules will list the names of the Vice Presidents and their duties. Standing rules can also be used to create policies and procedures, give more detail to job descriptions, create social media rules, set dues amount, etc. Standing rules can’t create a conflict with the bylaws. Example: they can create rules of how an individual PTA handles money but, they can’t go against the rules set forth under Treasurer duties in the Bylaws.

How do we renew our bylaws?

Your PTA will need to discuss and vote on your bylaws according to the mandates already set forth in your current bylaws. Usually a small committee will work to create a set to present to the membership. You will need to let the members know 30 days in advance that bylaws will be voted on at a meeting in at least 30 days. They must be presented in a motion to accept and any changes in the choices would be addressed and amendments brought forward as necessary. Once 2/3rds of the member’s present vote to accept.

Click here to download Bylaws Template

The document will open in another tab. You will need to download it to your computer to edit. Please make sure you save to a location you can easily access (example desktop). Use the form fields to customize the bylaws. When done, remember to “save as” in the following format:

(YourPTAname) Bylaws_need approval

Instructions for Submittal

Once your local PTA votes to accept the bylaws, upload them into your files in Memberhub Email leadership@nevadapta when uploaded to be approved by the state.


*For anyone interested in joining the state bylaws committee to help approve and decide potential changes to the template, please consider Joining Our Team 

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