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PTA Basics

Every Child. One Voice.

PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.


What’s the difference between region, council and local unit PTAs?

  • A local PTA is a self-governing PTA unit that plans programs and activities to meet the needs of children at their specific school or in their community.
  • A council is a group of local unit PTAs organized by Nevada PTA for the purposes of training and coordination of the efforts of local PTAs. Your PTA may or may not be part of a council; it will depend on where your PTA is located.
  • A region is a geographic division of the state PTA established for convenience in administering programs and projects, and providing representation of those regions on Nevada PTA Board of Managers. Nevada has three regions.


What is the PTA logo and tagline?

National PTA adopted the tagline “every child, one voice” to create stronger unity among constituent PTAs nationwide. This tagline should be used by all PTAs as frequently as possible on all materials such as newsletters, flyers, programs, and correspondence. Refer to the National PTA website for instructions about how to customize the logo for your local PTA. Contact Nevada PTA if you have difficulty customizing it for your PTA.


What is the National PTA Unit ID Number and how can I find out what our Unit ID Number is?

A Unit ID# is assigned by National PTA when a PTA is chartered. This number is used for record keeping purposes by Nevada PTA and National PTA. Each unit has its own EIN under Nevada PTA 501c3 nonprofit group exemption. This informations can be found within your unit information in Memberhub.  If you cannot find your ID# number, or EIN, please contact Nevada PTA. 


How do I get ideas for programs and projects?

One of the advantages of PTA is the many “idea” resources that are available to your unit. Check out National PTA’s website,, and NevadaPTA’s website. Read past editions of National PTA’s Our Children magazine online at Call your council and network with PTAs in your area. Attend Nevada PTA Convention and Leadership Trainings. Search the internet! The great thing about PTA is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.


How do we access the Official PTA Back-to-School Kit?

Go to for resources for each of your PTA’s officers and committee chair.


What are bylaws?

Your PTA’s bylaws are your PTA’s most important document and contain the specific rules for governing its organization. Bylaws are adopted and amended by a vote of your PTA’s members at a general membership meeting and are reviewed every three years. If you can’t find a copy of your PTA’s bylaws, contact Nevada PTA. It is recommended that there be a printed copy of the bylaws available at each PTA meeting and that copies are provided to each board member.


What are Standing Rules?

Standing rules are an extension of the bylaws. They define procedures and relate to details of the administration of your particular PTA. Your PTA’s Standing Rules cannot conflict with your PTA’s bylaws.


What are PTA Programs?

PTA provides many programs to help increase family involvement. There are many resources for implementing these programs on National PTA’s website at Please go online and look at the awesome resources available. Many programs have opportunities to win grant money to assist with implementation. Some of the PTA Programs that you can find online:

 School of Excellence
 Reflections
 STEM at Home

 PTA Connected
 Family Engagement Toolkit

National Resources

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