Nevada PTA was organized in 1940 and was the last state and the 50th congress to join the national organization.  Boulder City and some Las Vegas units had joined previously without the benefit of a state congress.  The organizational meeting was held in Ely, Nevada on November 14, 1940. By 1941, Carson City, Virginia City, Yerington, Fernley, Logandale, and Winnemucca had joined.  The first Nevada PTA Convention began on November 7, 1941, in Las Vegas and the first state PTA office was established in Sparks, Nevada, in 1959.  The state office moved to Las Vegas in 1980.

Nevada PTA charter units were: Alamo, Boulder City, Caliente, Carlin, Ely, Kimberly, Las Vegas Grammar School, Las Vegas Westside School, Lund, No. Las Vegas Primary School, Panaca, Pioche, Mt. Rose (Reno), Southside (Reno), Reno High School and Searchlight.

Past Nevada PTA Presidents

Mrs. Pearl Baker, Las Vegas  1940-1942
Mrs. E.R. Harker, Reno 1942-1945
Mrs. L.E. Burr, Las Vegas 1945-1948
Mrs. G.G. Wyness, Boulder City 1948-1951
Mrs. Dewey Solomon, Las Vegas 1951-1954
Mr. R.H. Manning, Carson City 1954-1957
Mrs. Walter Brinkerhoff, Lovelock 1957-1960
Mrs. Shirlee Wedow, Sparks 1960-1963
Mr. Lamar Lefever, Hawthorne 1963-1966
Mrs. Thalia Dondero, Las Vegas 1966-1968
Mr. Wallace Kurtz, Sparks 1968-1970
Mrs. Reba Dolan, Las Vegas 1970-1972
Mrs. Carley Sullivan, Elko 1972-1974
Mrs. Connie Larsen, Las Vegas 1974-1976
Mr. James Sale, Reno 1976-1978
Mrs. Mary Lou Moser, Sparks 1978-1980
Mrs. Ann Lynch, Las Vegas  1980-1982
Mr. Elmer Oxborrow, Fallon  1982-1984

Mr. Wendell Newman, Carson City 1984-85
Mr. William Nachtscheim, Reno 1985-1987
Mrs. Coni Longero, Las Vegas 1987-1990
Ms. Bonnie Parnell, Carson City 1990-1992
Mrs. Lyn Bennett, Sparks 1992-1995
Mrs. Sherry Loncar, Carson City 1995-1996
Mrs. Debbie Smith, Sparks 1996-1999
Ms. Brenda Kennedy-Talley, NLV 1999-01
Ms. Barbara Teal Clark, Reno 2001-2003
Mrs. D.J. Stutz, Las Vegas 2003-2005
Mrs. Robin Munier, Las Vegas 2005-2007
Mr. Moises Denis, Las Vegas 2007-2009
Mrs. Alison Turner, Las Vegas 2009-2011
Ms. Kimberly Tate, Henderson 2011-2013
Mrs. Amy Henderson, Fernley, 2013-2015
Mr. David Flatt, Henderson, 2015-2017
Mrs. Dawn Miller 2017-2018
Mr. Michael Carico 2018-2020
Mrs. Rebecca Garcia, Las Vegas, 2020-2022
Mrs. Kali Fox Miller, Las Vegas, 2022-present

Memories from the Organization of Nevada PTA on November 14, 1940

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