Nevada PTA


2019 Legislative Priorities

  • Increase Funding for K-12 Education to Meet the Needs of Nevada’s Students
    • Education funding that increases base funding to provide all students, regardless of zip code, the opportunity and resources to succeed.  
    • An updated funding formula that meets the needs of students in 2020 and beyond.
    • Weighted funding provided for all Nevada students including at-risk, ELL, Special Education and GATE students.
    • Adequate funding to ensure class size reduction in accordance with state recommended ratios.
    • Funding transparency that respects the will of voters to increase funding for education.
  • Ensure All Students have Safe and Supportive Schools
    • School safety measures that address and provide funding for both physical safety and student support services.
    • Funding to improve staffing ratios of school counselors, psychologists, social workers, and nurses to provide school-based behavior, health and mental health services.
    • Professional development for all school-based employees on youth mental health and access to school and community based mental health services with appropriate funding.
    • Increase family and community involvement by removing the financial barriers of state mandated background checks.
    • Inclusion of transformative family-engagement standards in relevant legislation and policy.
  • Ensure Public Funds Support Public Schools
    • Oppose programs that divert public education funds to non-public schools
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PTA is the oldest and largest volunteer child advocacy association in the United States. Founded in 1897, PTA has a long, successful history of influencing federal policy to promote the education, health and wellbeing of all children—resulting in kindergarten classes, child labor laws, school lunch programs, a juvenile justice system, and strengthened parent-teacher relationships. National PTA continues that legacy today
by fighting for change under its federal public policy priorities:

• Family Engagement in Education
• Quality Education for All Children
• Adequate Funding for Education
• Child Health and Nutrition
• Safe Schools and Communities
• Fair Juvenile Justice Laws

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Resolution (Passed at state convention May 12, 2018)

Back Ground Checks and Fingerprinting Financial Burden

Whereas in 2017 the Nevada Legislature passed SB287 The Child Protect Law requiring all volunteers with unsupervised or regular contact with students be fingerprinted

Whereas the Nevada PTA supports volunteers in schools and feels they are a vital part of the school community

Whereas SB287 puts an undue financial burden on volunteers and creates inequity among socioeconomic groups.

Whereas in creating the law the Nevada Legislature failed to fund the mandate and did not set forth guidelines for school districts to follow to ensure uniformity throughout the State.

Resolved that Nevada PTA work with partners and legislators to eliminate the financial burden placed on volunteers for background checks and fingerprints.

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