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2020 Community connection grants

  • Nevada PTA is excited to announce the availability of $10,000 in grant funding for local units to support family engagement, programs and essential needs. PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Back to school 2020 has come with historic challenges and these grants can help PTA units to continue to fulfill our mission. 

Grant Amounts: $250-$1,000 

Grant Categories: 

  • Family Engagement
  • Programs (Reflections, STEM+ Families, Reading etc.)
  • Community Essential Needs (food, technology or other basic needs) 

Grant Awardees

  • Steele Elementary PTA – $1,000 for Programs (Reflections Arts) 
  • Sandy Miller Academy PTA – $1,000 for Programs (Reflections Arts)
  • Faye Galloway PTA – $750 for Programs (STEM Kits)
  • Guy Elementary PTA – $1,000 for Essential Needs (Home Learning Supplies)
  • Goynes Elementary PTA – $1,000 for Programs (STEM Kits for Students)
  • Bilbray Elementary PTA – $500 for Family Engagement (Reading Club)
  • Ellis Elementary PTA  – $750 for Programs (Reading – Library Books) 
  • Gehring Elementary PTA – $1,000 for Programs (STEM Kits)
  • Priest Elementary PTA – $500 for Programs (Reflections Arts) 
  • Herz Middle School PTA *Newly Chartered* – $1,000 for Essential Needs
  • Pleasant Valley PTA – $1,000 for Programs (Libarary Books) 
  • Lamping Elementary PTA – $500 for Essential Needs 
  • Incline Elementary – $250 for Family Engagement

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