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Call for nominations - 2018/19 Nevada PTA awards

PTA leaders and members bring innovative services to our kids, to our schools, and to our communities each and every day.  Nevada PTA’s Awards Program is designed to recognize and share PTAs’ special programs and achievements, and to honor the people that help to make your schools and communities better for children.  

Award submissions are due to Nevada PTA’s office by

5:00 pm, Thursday, February 7, 2019
Membership Award submissions are due to Nevada PTA’s office by
5:00 pm on Friday, February 1, 2019 


Awards will be presented at the Silver State Banquet during the 2019 Convention on Saturday, February 23rd. Tickets are still available, join us to not just celebrate the award winners, but for a great weekend of advocacy and learning together!

Nevada PTA Awards At a Glance

Just a brief overview of the many different ways that your PTA can be recognized, and ways that your PTA can recognize special people in your school or community.

Nevada PTA Achievement Awards – Look at your PTA’s calendar now to be sure that your PTA is sponsoring activities to for each of the five Purposes of PTA.

  • Outstanding PTA Achievement Award: Awarded to a PTA who qualifies for the Gold PTA achievement award, and has an increase in membership, 90% staff membership, and participated in four (4) National or Nevada PTA Sponsored activities.

  • Gold PTA Achievement Award: Complete three (3) activities for each of the five Purposes of PTA.

  • Silver PTA Achievement Award: Complete one (1) activity for each of the five Purposes of PTA.

  • Hank Etchemendy Advocacy Award: Given to a PTA, volunteer, or other public official who has championed a cause that benefits children in the local area or throughout the state of Nevada.

Nevada PTA Recognition Awards – Recognize the special people in your PTA’s community.

  • Ann T. Lynch Outstanding PTA Parent Award: Parent, grandparent, guardian or other volunteer that provided outstanding service to a school or PTA and assisted in promoting the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships

  • Youth Participation Award: Nominees for this award are students who are active in school and within the community,

  • Teacher of the Year Award: Teacher who effectively promotes National Standards for Family – School Partnerships.

  • Lynel Cunningham Site Administrator of the Year: Administrator who most effectively promotes National PTA Standards for Family-School Partnerships

  • Bob Huwe Community Engagement Award: PTA and community organization, business or individual that collaborated to strengthen National PTA Family-School Partnerships.

  • Sandy Miller Engagement and Diversity Award:  Recognizes individuals or groups who have committed to embracing, enhancing, and celebrating diversity and family engagement at our schools.

Nevada PTA Membership Awards – Recognition for the great job your PTA is doing with PTA membership this year!

  • Building a Better Community Award: Given to PTAs that have shown that they embrace this philosophy by making it their goal to reach out to their communities and to bring in members that are neither parents, teachers, nor students, but still feel that they are stakeholders in the education and well-being of all children.

  • Men Matter Membership Award: Given to PTAs that foster a positive atmosphere for, and actively recruiting membership of, men in their PTAs.

  • Rookie of the Year: Recognizes a new or re-chartered PTAs (within first two years) that has successfully promoted the mission and purpose of PTA. 

Membership Awards that Your PTA Doesn’t Need to Apply For:

  • Membership Increase: PTA that has more members for the current membership year than the previous year.

  • Membership Award:  Given to 2 PTAs (one from Region 1,2, and one from Region 3) with the most members.