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Battle Born PTA, a statewide PTA unit of Nevada Parent Teacher Association, is designed for business leaders, community leaders/members, and concerned citizens across Nevada who wish to have an impact in the lives of children in our Silver State. We welcome families whose own local schools are not PTA affiliates and want to support and participate in PTA. Joining Battle Born PTA allows you to add your voice to the thousands of PTA members across Nevada. Together we will ensure every child is provided opportunities to reach their full potential. Through our partnerships and select employer agreements with both Mountain America Credit Union and America First Credit Union we are over 4000 members strong. Considered a Statewide local PTA unit, Battle Born PTA is ran by an elected Board of Managers. Anyone is welcome to join and we welcome volunteers. Battle Born PTA, supports Nevada PTA through grants and this year we are pleased to announce that we gave Nevada PTA $7000 to help underwrite the cost of convention so that it is affordable to all members.
Join Battle Born PTA Today. Membership is from July 1,2018 to June 30,2019.
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